Solid Outdoor Material

In our outdoor material we use recycled glass as its core component, and by nature is sensitive to the environment. During manufacturing, the glass is processed to form expanded granules. Each granule acts as an acoustic absorber in its own right. The Solid material is imply maintained, constructed and VOC free.

solid Acoustic Panels
QS Solid has a wide range of applications where effective noise reduction is required in outdoor applications or indoor areas of high humidity or fire concerns. Its natural resistance to moisture ensures it will not significantly retain or absorb moisture, unlike traditional porous or open-cell materials.

QS Solid panels are bonded using adhesive or mechanically fixed depending on the application and substrate. The panels can be machined and processed using standard wood working equipment and dust protection. The panels can be easily painted with water based paint, rendered for a seamless finish or routed to provide varying texture and shadowing effects.